Six Ways We Will Have To Re-Negotiate COST Post-Crisis

Many expect prices to rise post COVID-19 crisis; Jonathan Dutton looks at why, and suggests SIX ‘old’ ways we could negotiate cost in the ‘new’ normal in the near future… Prices are inevitably rising. And, inflation will rise too, from an average below 3% for the last ten years or so, back to more ‘textbook’ norms of the past – but, hopefully, nothing like the 1980’s when inflation looked more like 10% than 2% or less. Nobody, least of all the RBA, wants to predict rising inflation rates, but they will rise, many agree. A key factor holding down inflation has been the very stable wage growth over the last decade (i.e. almost none – we haven’t had a pay rise in ages) as well as reportedly low

Who cares about MODERN SLAVERY now?

You should, despite Covid-19 - and here is why .... explains Jonathan Dutton FCIPS : One key reporting requirement of the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (MSA) is for organisations to show evidence that they have a policy and have identified their modern slavery risks. And for the first organisations off the rank, the first deadline in the MSA Act is not far away – 1st July, for legal compliance. Assessing these risks in wide and complex supply chains can seem like an overwhelming exercise, and many had things well in hand pre-crisis even though they were working across mostly thousands of suppliers operating in so many different countries? But, given the crisis and organisations desperation to surv

The 7 Key Challenges for Procurement Success in the post-Covid world: New PASA WHITE-PAPER

Read the new PASA white-paper from Jonathan Dutton FCIPS online or on Linkedin or e-Mail JD directly for the 14 page 2mb colour PDF copy at As we emerge from the Covid-19 crisis, a new business normal will develop quickly; Procurement must overcome SEVEN key challenges to succeed. The current crisis presents procurement with just as many difficulties as others. But it also offers procurement an opportunity. An opportunity to be highly relevant and deliver outstanding value from the supply side. It also offers an opportunity to show how responsive we can be. How in-touch with business needs we are, as corporate's react then rebuild, then seek a

Shaping your eProcurement systems’ TAXONOMY … including using UNSPSC coding

Another selected blog, following a PASA CONNECT virtual Roundtable, highlights the key takeaways from the online session yesterday: “Shaping your eProcurement systems’ TAXONOMY … including using UNSPSC coding”, 4th May 2020, and scribed by Jonathan Dutton, who chaired the session again: The key to great spend analysis is good DATA. The key to good DATA is cleanliness, accuracy and structure. Structuring your data correctly offers easy analysis of spend patterns by category, by cost-centre, by transaction volume, and by both transaction value and aggregate value. Choosing your data structure and depth is the key part of your taxonomy, or classification scheme (naming convention) for your spen

Ten Tips To Perfect Your Video Conferencing Etiquette

With the majority of offices closed and many cities around the world currently in lockdown, office workers are adjusting to life working from home and remote working becoming the norm. That’s certainly the case for procurement professionals. This shift brings with it a whole new set of challenges, including establishing appropriate teleconferencing etiquette. One report revealed that as many as 80% of executives favour video conferencing. Fortunately today there is a whole host of web-based videoconferencing technology including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts and Cisco WebEx. Nonetheless, as so many of the remote workforce are finding, it’s important to establish wha

The top issues in FREIGHT & LOGISTICS right now … mid-crisis

PASA Connect run online virtual Roundtables on key topics of interest for their members who work in professional procurement - Around 20 or more sessions per month currently, each with a set of notes made for participants, some even with an AGILE notes graphic, and all are recorded too: One recent roundtable addressed current category issues in "Freight & Logistics" with category expert Jo Barlow, Head of Indirect procurement at Cochlear in Sydney. Jonathan Dutton hosted the virtual event and wrote the notes for this blog: The top issues in FREIGHT & LOGISTICS right now … mid Covid-19 crisis PASA CONNECT online Roundtable – 30 April 2020 Moving stuff around at the current time is the lifebl

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