The vital role of SRM during a crisis – and afterwards.

Both regular and new supply lines were under stress during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic crisis and procurement managers were working hard to secure vital supply lines whilst simultaneously pausing non-essential supply. Both objectives have benefited directly from strong relationships with vendors, highlighting the increasing importance of proactive SRM – supplier relationship management – as a strategy: Jonathan Dutton urges Supply Clusters members to seize the day on SRM: Supplier management during the pandemic During the early stages of the crisis, most procurement people were directly engaged in one of three important activities – either securing vital supply lines, so

As a Sales Manager, are you looking through the same lens as your buyer?

By David Lunn at BIDWRITE The Covid-19 pandemic has challenged procurement professionals to rethink the way they manage and engage markets, with securing supply chain resilience and continuity high on the agenda. In his recent thought leadership contribution to Procurement and Supply Australasia (PASA), Australian procurement professional Jonathan Dutton FCIPS draws on his wide industry knowledge to explore seven strategic procurement imperatives arising from the pandemic. Inevitably, a refocusing of procurement practices will have repercussions for sellers, requiring them to adjust to emerging procurement priorities. In this article, we outline each of Dutton’s suggested procurement imperat

Waste Management And Recycling – A WASTEFUL CATEGORY?

A well-attended PASA CONNECT virtual Roundtable recently addressed the state of the art in the waste category for procurement managers and was professionally facilitated by guest expert Mick Pearsall from Supply Clusters. Of course, all waste issues are indelibly surrounded by sustainable procurement questions as well as waste-supplier demands; ever more so since the arrival of Covid-19. For instance, how do we best dispose of used personal protective equipment (PPE) and consumables? Jonathan Dutton, who chaired the PASA Roundtable, explains what was covered for SUPPLY CLUSTERS members: Waste is increasingly becoming a very complicated category – one you cannot BUY well until you have a clea

Buying PPE For Today And For Tomorrow

Personal protective equipment (PPE) has suddenly become the most important category and a crucial supply security risk for many organisations, especially in the health sector but also in a widening range of industries in which PPE has suddenly become mission-critical. Following a well attended PASA CONNECT virtual Roundtable on 27th May, PASA hosted a FREE webinar on 3rd June, introduced by PASA managing director Nigel Wardropper, which highlighted the current issues surrounding the sourcing of PPE and suggested practical ways to manage this volatile category both now and in future. Both sessions were facilitated by the Infosys-Portland consulting team, who have been running a category desk

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