Why CONTRACT MANAGEMENT is the new area of opportunity for professional procurement

Savings tend to ZERO over time. Especially for INDIRECT spend categories. Does this mean that diminishing returns will threaten the rise and rise of professional procurement? Or, simply, that procurement will have to find new ways to add real and lasting value? By any measure, the procurement profession in Australia has made great strides in the last dozen years or so. Even branded “the fastest growing profession in Australia” after the 2011 census. Yet, I fear many good procurement teams are starting to plateau. That is, their significant gains are flattening out. Their trajectory is stabilising. And, savings, particularly, are slowly petering out it seems. You see, Australia is a small eco

The Six Myths of the Written Contract

This sixth Open Windows white-paper was researched and written by Sara Cullen & Jay Jeong at The University of Melbourne based upon their original research into the power of the natural 'Psychological Contract' over any written contract. This white-paper was conceived, commissioned and edited by JD during Q4 2017 on behalf of Open Windows who financed & published the work: Download to read the white-paper free of charge here

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