How ‘Dirty-Data’ Undermines Procurement Strategy … And The Benefits Of Putting It Right.

Quality spend data has always been the Achilles heel of procurement teams trying to take a more strategic approach to spend management. Jonathan Dutton FCIPS explains how that has been changing in the third of a series of articles for SUPPLY CLUSTERS Savings tend to zero over time. Especially with indirect expenditure. Your 6th tender for stationery savings? Good luck with that … So, increasingly, procurement teams are now constantly on the hunt for new ways to save. New addressable spend categories. New opportunities. Scouring the P2P data from the General Ledger is a good place to look for clues. Analyse the data well enough and hopefully, it can reveal all. Data woes The first data you no

The Real Power of Aggregation for Busy Procurement Teams

AGGREGATION is catching on and reaching the mainstream of procurement management – at long last, you may think. Jonathan Dutton FCIPS explains the hidden benefits of aggregation not just the obvious ones, in the second of a new series of articles for SUPPLY CLUSTERS Aggregation is one of the very founding principles of professional buying. Everyone working in or around procurement gets it – buy more, get a better deal. So, why does it seem that aggregated procurement is less utilised than you might expect? Sure, buyers often hedge in negotiation whilst ascertaining potential extra volume internally. But externally, not so. Firms seldom work together to build volume

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