10 (More) Tips From ProcureTECH 2020 - for a successful IT implementation in procurement

The recent annual PASA ProcureTECH conference in Sydney, now in its 7th year, offered much useful advice for busy buyers looking to implement new technology and automation tools into the supply side of their business. Jonathan Dutton FCIPS outlines the top ten tips offered by experts throughout the #ProcureTECH conference - following up the article on the Top Ten Tips from 2019: Over 150 people attended the 7th annual ProcureTECH conference hosted by PASA in Sydney last month. Some 17 of the top IT vendors in the procurement space showcased their products and services, conducting many one-to-one meetings with procurement managers interested in learning more about how these products might ful

Stakeholders – How To Control The Maverick Spenders

Last month we looked at procurement stakeholders and what they want. This month – how to control those that just do what they want? And how you can manage them better by balancing stakeholder and company needs? Jonathan Dutton FCIPS offers some helpful suggestions for Supply Clusters members: In the previous article, we asked who are your stakeholders and what do they want exactly? Yet this is often a slightly misleading question for busy procurement people because most do not start from the luxury of this question. In fact, most often a procurement professional has started from a quite different question altogether – more like “they did what?” This is often because of maverick buying… What

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