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JD Consultancy has worked with over 80 clients since early 2013, from leading global corporations to small or medium sized organisations and from major government departments to small not-for-profits. JD has been engaged all over Australia and New Zealand and also directly from the UK, US, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore. 


Through JDC, Jonathan has worked on Boards, for Boards, as a consultant, interim manager and project manager.

He has also worked as a sales rep, customer service manager, marketing consultant, procurement manager, category manager, arbiter, advisor and both internal and external communications manager. JD has also been engaged regularly as a professional key note speaker, trainer, facilitator, presenter, author, editor and interviewer. 


Some engagements have lasted years, others less than an hour, most for an elapsed time of some months.

JD often works on retainer, frequently for fixed project fees, sometimes for just modest day-rates, occasionally for a 'charity' rate for worthy causes and not-for-profit entities.  


Directly below is a snapshot of major clients who have engaged significant services from JD Consultancy, only since the pandemic - and below the line, some of JDC client base since 2013 or so .... 


Currently, JD is working as Chief Content Creator for PASA on a consulting basis, after more than three years as CEO,  as CEO of the largest conferencing, events, training & publishing network for procurement practitioners  


Jonathan has in addition joined Pareto Toolbox as a Non-Executive and Australian 

LEAD supporting their signiifcant expanion into the Australian market from New Zeland. 


... he also continues to support Supply Clusters as a columnist and in a non-exec role

He is also booked for a range of events, speaking engagements & training workshops

throughout 2024, both publicly and privately, online and offline live and in person.

JD is available, however, at any time, primarily through the e-mail link 

                                                   or on 0404-452861




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“Jonathan is a dynamic presenter who informs, educates and entertains. The programme he ran for Holden cars proved conclusively that our team can grasp strategic competitive advantage from the supply side. His wealth of anecdotes and ready case studies not only adds flavour, but brings his lessons to life and makes them real for all our team at all levels.”   

“Jonathan is a dynamic presenter who informs, educates and entertains. The programme he ran for Holden cars proved conclusively that our team can grasp strategic competitive advantage from the supply side. His wealth of anecdotes and ready case studies not only adds flavour, but brings his lessons to life and makes them real for all our team at all levels.”   

Jaydeep Solanki, Director - Procurement & SCM, 

General Motors Holden - Australia  2016

“Jonathan is a consistent, effective and insightful advocate of the procurement profession and in supporting organisations across sectors to increase their capability and return from their procurement and supply chain functions. He has a compelling and knowledgeable personal style and is an effective presenter across all levels and experience.


His experience in working with diverse organisations in building their procurement competence ensures he is able to quickly understand the wider business context and therefore clearly articulate the challenge, opportunity and relevancy of procurement within each specific environment.


He is an engaging and credible presenter who works with audiences of multiple backgrounds and experience to ensure everyone understand the contributions available from procurement and in defining the journey to achieve this. “   

Andrew Brightmore FCIPS,

Director & Head of Procurement Advisory KPMG (Australia) 2013  

“Jonathan is an inspiring presenter and business advocate who has a wealth of knowledge and experience in global business and marketing.  He is passionate about his work and “driven” to achieve success. 

In his workshops, he quickly builds rapport, gets straight to the pressing issues and then proposes a range of workable-solutions for people to think about.  These workshops are rewarding valuable events and much-appreciated by participants.”

Roy Barton PhD, President,

Institute of Value Management Australia  2015  

“Jonathan is a presenter of rigour and depth coupled with a very effective style of delivery that is engaging and easy to understand.

His work is always well researched, current, relevant and interesting.

More than anything Jonathan always ensures that the audience leave with real and lasting value.”  

Tony White FCIPS, CPO,

Leighton Holdings Group 2013  

and former CPO at QANTAS 

“Jonathan is a compelling advocate for procurement, and always an engaging presenter. But his sheer logic, with a large inventory of examples, always bring together his argument convincingly.His presentations are always a learning experience, and often an enlightening one, as he explains business complexity so easily.”  

David Henchliffe FCIPS, Chief Procurement Officer, Santos until 2017 

“Jonathan is an excellent presenter who can capture his audience and share his knowledge with ease. I’ve seen him work and be effective in a room of a 1000 people as well as a room with 12 CPOs , who were not shy to challenge him. Jonathan is cognisant of his audiences’ needs and will adapt his style accordingly, thereby maximising the value he offers to each group he works with.” 

Andrea Gregory FCIPS, Director, Group Procurement, Fonterra – New Zealand  2013  

“BTTB are the region’s leading provider of procurement conferences and workshops over the last decade.  Jonathan Dutton has presented, chaired and co-produced at many of these events.

Over the years the attendees feedback on his work has been universally consistent. He is engaging, focussed and adds enormous value for his audience. His grasp of the procurement subject is second to none and the wealth of knowledge he brings to bear is always impressive.   

Jonathan’s insight, knowledge and style make a difference for everyone who hears him present.”

Nigel Wardropper, Founder & Managing Director,

PASA & BTTB  - 2018 


In the UK, whilst working for JMDCL, a previous incarnation of JDC, clients included:

The OCS Group 

MWB Group Plc

Price Nicholson

Two Plus Two Multimedia

Kinross & Render

The Opus Group 

Metzger Recruitment 

... as well as both CIM and then CIPS

“What JD does brilliantly well, is to make complex things simple ... and then get things done." 

Peter Fisk 

Former CEO - Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)

Best selling business author & marketing thought-leader 

    "The best marketing mind I have ever worked for .... "

Clive Hammond

Former PR Director - Regus

and career PR professional 

“I have had the pleasure of working with JD from the UK and co-speaking and facilitating at a number of Jonathan's events and conferences in Australia over the last ten years. These events always attract key clients and/or speakers who reflect the business impact and development of professionalism in procurement. He is a consummate professional always seeking the right output for both the corporate client and the individual. I have no hesitation in recommending Jonathan for his work and leadership at CIPS Australasia whilst he was CEO there. “

Gerard Chick FCIPS, former Chief Knowledge Officer Optimum Procurement, and former head of knowledge management at CIPS – UK   2017

           "JD would be an asset to any company

             that employs him."

Mark Dixon 

CEO & billionaire owner - Regus Plc 

“Jonathan is a visionary and a teacher and I often refer to the seven years I worked for him as my MBA - what they didn't teach me at university"

Angelina Pillai

Former Head of Education CIPSA 

Former Deputy CEO at AHRI 

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