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Jonathan Dutton has developed and delivered training courses throughout his career of over 30 years. Particularly he has developed & delivered innovative and leading edge material for both procurement professionals and sales teams alike - sometimes both at the same time such as 'The Training Sales Simulator' he developed for the QANTAS sales team in the 1990s. 

Also, Jonathan devised, planned and launched from scratch the CIPSA Training business whilst he was working there between 2004-13 - a business delivering over 250 training days a year at its peak, as the largest provider of public training in procurement in Australia. Whilst he was COO of CIM in the UK, he ran the CIM training business - which was around the 25th largest training company in the UK at the time. In Australia, in the early 1990s, he developed and produced a world class training programme for the Qantas sales team; some of this work was based upon the British Airways in-house programme ...

Since 2013, Jonathan has personally developed and delivered several training programmes for over 600 attendees in total. These programmes include private training programmes for organisations such as Holden, DFAT, Victorian Government, Fisher & Paykel and others. In addition, public programmes have been 'retailed' throughout Australia and New Zealand by specialist learning providers including PASA, Konnect Learning and now MAJOR Training. Overseas principally by Zenith, then FDB


By far the most successful programme is the two-day STRATEGIC PROCUREMENT workshop (detailed above) for middle managers. Attendees have included executives from organisations such as Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton, Telstra, Novartis, Foxtel, Vic Government, Petronas, Oil Search, Bluescope, EY, PWC and many others - some listed aside. 

JD has gained a reputation for engaging presentation work built on real substance and great content, using a wealth of real examples and case studies, delivered in a vibrant, informative and entertaining way. 

This is a real opportunity, and a surprisingly rare one in a crowded training market, to genuinely uplift your strategic thinking capability in a procurement context. Delegates will leave this workshop with practical tools and techniques that enable them to begin practicing a more strategic approach to procurement immediately, and with a new perspective on how to deliver genuinely strategic procurement relevant to your organisations marketing strategy.   

EIGHT Key Sections

Through presentation, discussion, exercises, group interaction and practical approaches we will cover EIGHT key sections during the two-days, starting with a pre-amble on Procurement Leadership and then cover:


  1. Procurement leadership the business context for procurement 

  2. The role of modern procurement and supply management

  3. Opportunity analysis

  4. Market analysis

  5. Category Management

  6. Market management insight

  7. Integrating procurement & supply chain management

  8. Contract management & SRM and competitive advantage from the supply side 

The Strategic



Programme ONLINE 

21st Sept - 2nd Oct


over two weeks  

Strategic Procurement Masterclass

Two Day LIVE course Melbourne: 

26/27 November


Course dates for;

Singapore, KL

and Dubai 

tbc later in 2020 

A two-day strategy workshop for
experienced procurement managers 

This two-day strategic procurement workshop has run successfully over 30 times across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia since late 2013.


Targeted at procurement managers, senior category managers, analysts and experienced procurement professionals, this programme offer intermediate training to help take the next step from transactional procurement to a more strategic approach.

Key themes in the programme:

  • Addresses some major questions facing the procurement profession,

  • Looks at genuinely strategic solutions to these issues

  • Takes a glimpse at the sales professionals view of buyers

  • Considers how Procurement can integrate with your Marketing strategy

       -  A unique element of this programme. 

This workshop includes very recent eclectic contributions to international thought leadership in the profession fused with established procurement theory and real-life examples from over 25 case studies. 

Participants will gain a thorough vision of what STRATEGIC procurement looks like today in leading organisations, through the lens of many sample best practices harvested from all around the world, and some of the worst practices as well.

Throughout the programme, you can compare a genuinely strategic approach

to a developed but still transactional procurement effort by the end of the workshop.

It is perfect for procurement managers looking to get more strategic in their perspective on our profession, for experienced category managers getting ready to move up, bright young things looking to learn quickly about procurement as well as seasoned procurement professionals getting ready for their next step.


By the end of the two-day workshop you will:

  • Understand the context & complexity within which modern strategic procurement has to deliver and meet stakeholder needs

  • Have a thorough grasp of the essentials and the process of a strategic approach to procurement

  • Be able to commence both a spend analysis & risk analysis, as a start to a more strategic approach to procurement

  • Have the confidence to be able to manage suppliers through a more strategic procurement process

  • Be able to utilise a wide variety of strategic procurement tools and techniques

  • Understand the true role of procurement for your organisation and how to take a more strategic approach that is right for you ... 


Attendees have included executives from organisations such as; 


Rio Tinto 

BHP Billiton





Yan Coal


Oil Search


GM Holden 





Monash University

Bureau Veritas

Dept Justice  VIC GOVT 



Dept of Defence


Bethanie Group

TNT Australia

Ramsay Health 


Fisher & Paykel


QLD Health

Gold Coast Health






University of Otago

Dept of Health NSW

SA Health

Primary Care Network




Total Oil & Petroleum

Dept of Transport QLD

Nexans Olex




Flight Centre 



Deakin University

RMIT University 




Workcover QLD


Jeddah Healthcare

Schneider Electric

Bahrain Oil


QLD Health (MNP)

Ego Pharma


Essel Group

First Abu Dhabi Bank

Wilmar Sugar


University of Otago

Newcastle Bldg Society

Sydney Catchment  

JPMC Hospitals Brunei

DTF Morocco Govt

Brunei Oil Corp

Doha Hospital


Sharjah CC


EGO Pharma

VIC State Library


LG Electronics

Evolution Mining 

Todae Solar 

JTC Singapore 

Air New Zealand

... and many others.

What previous attendees have said:


"I went into the course with a relatively low expectation of receiving mountains of theory and not so many practical examples. 

To my absolute delight I found Jonathan’s delivery to be extremely energetic. His ability to call on practical examples for almost every scenario discussed was outstanding. 

The examples were very real and stretched across many industries, scenarios and often strayed well beyond his own personal experiences. 

Grp Procurement  Mgr

major  Australian corporation

“The course was absolutely fantastic and Jonathan was a breath of fresh air, especially his knowledge & personal experiences he shared with us.  

I took away so much from the course I would recommended it to anyone in my field.”

Arvind Mistry

Purchasing Co-ordinator


"Engaging, enjoyable and informative with real-life, current examples.

In my 30+ years as a procurement professional I’ve attended many courses and workshops.

This one ranks up there with the best!

JD’s style challenged as well as informed and created genuine participation and debate from the course members.”

Phil Partridge 

Procurement Manager 



Other courses:

JDC can run a range of courses or workshops off-the-shelf or tailor them to specific needs of private in-house clients. Currently available programmes which are fully developed include: .

  • Intro to Professional Procurement (two day)

  • Intro to Strategic Procurement (two day)

  • SRM (one or two day options)

  • Negotiation Skills (one day) 

  • Sustainable Procurement (one or two day options)

  • AGILE Procurement (half, one or two day options) 

  • The online Strategic Procurement Leadership Programme   21st Sept - 2nd Oct  (Six 3hr sessions) 

In addition, although usually prior to any training, JDC can design, develop and deliver both new or existing tools to assess competencies and/or capability of your procurement team - as part of any new strategy to build capability from as little as $400 pp . 

Just e-mail JD directly on or call +61 404 452 861 


"Jonathan ran a two-day private workshop on STRATEGIC PROCUREMENT for our entire team of almost two dozen people in July 2016.  JD used his industry experience, practical thinking and unique approach to deliver a highly relevant message, one that made us reflect on our current approach and ask the right questions ourselves to shape a better future for our organisation” 

Eddy Pereira, GM Procurement, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, Auckland, New Zealand: 2016

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