What are good CPOs doing right now?

The emerging playbook of what CPOs should be doing during a crisis … Having written last week on what procurement teams are doing right now it seemed logical to ask the follow up question: what are CPOs doing right now? What then, specifically, are procurement leaders working on, prioritising and thinking about at the moment, in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis? Fortunately, despite Chatham House Rules, we can share some insights directly from the first three “CPO Coffee Club” online roundtables that are currently being hosted by PASA Connect each Thursday. PASA connect have worked quickly to move all sessions online, review all content for compelling relevance right now, and quadruple the a

Procurement in a crisis

Most procurement people are working safely from home right now … busy as always, but also embracing all the opportunities and challenges of WFH. But, what, exactly, are they doing? Anecdotal evidence this last two weeks or so, suggests that they are doing one of FIVE things …. Securing vital supply lines for their organisations – mostly DIRECT supply lines, raw materials or critical services. Or sourcing tight specs from new suppliers. One CPO explained their factory in China had shut; he was urgently resourcing from elsewhere – including competitors! Sourcing new stuff – the hunt is on for reliable supply of PPE in staggering quantities “I am buying them in the tens of millions JD” says one

The dual opportunity for Procurement & its stakeholders… Better Contract Management; both now an

The previous two articles addressed procurement stakeholders and their direct needs, and the balances with corporate needs that procurement sometimes have to apply. One area that both groups can both focus upon profitably is contract management, both in the longer run, but also during a crisis writes Jonathan Dutton for Supply Clusters members. Building a control framework around maverick stakeholders, even compliant ones for that matter, is only ever half the answer to spend control. The real value lies in shaping the corporate culture to one of cost control. That is ‘training’ the employees to buy better themselves and to find ways themselves to cut costs as a way of doing business. And th

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