How to make aggregation a key part of your procurement strategy

Aggregation works. Building volume to get a better deal is a founding principle of the procurement profession. Buyers instinctively get it. Yet aggregation doesn’t always work as a strategy. It isn’t always the right answer. And buyers often find plenty of reasons not to aggregate with others. So, when is using external aggregation most valuable? When is it most right? And, when not? Simply, that is the purpose of our short workshop as part of the SUPPLY CLUSTERS conference this year in Sydney on 29th August. On the face of it, there are compelling reasons to use an external aggregator – summarised by the top 7 benefits of aggregation (below) … Strategic Procurement Strategically, what is re


Are the savings you are reporting real or fake? How do you know? Jonathan Dutton FCIPS explains in the fifth of his recent articles for the commercial aggregator, SUPPLY CLUSTERS. Savings are important. Even though they are not the only measure of procurement contribution (far from it) they are still the opening justification for an investment in procurement. Savings are usually “our ticket to the ball game” …. and the most immediate way procurement is measured. Until savings are being delivered, it is difficult to get traction on other benefits from professional procurement – improving compliance, reducing risk, building value. Never mind greater sustainability, farming innovation and drivi

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