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The top five questions every Strategic Procurement Manager should be asking themselves today….

The 'Pop-Up' Strategic Procurement MASTERCLASS with JD offers answers to the five most pressing questions facing line procurement managers today ...

  1. Have we over-sold ourselves on making savings, should we not be defining VALUE and driving that for our organisations?

  2. What’s the difference between strategic sourcing & category management and which should be pursuing, where & why?

  3. Do we have the capability to match our ambition?

  4. How should our organisation be embracing the new ISO 20400 standard in Sustainable Procurement?

  5. How can we drive competitive advantage from the supply side?

Work out the answers for your organisation in detail on the ‘Pop-up’ Strategic Procurement Masterclass with JD later this year in Melbourne CBD on 29/30 November 2018 … only two grand for two people from the same organisation ..... or just $1500 + GST each

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