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The 8th RIGHT - The imperative of the RIGHT contract management approach

The 8th Right is a new white-paper from Open Windows Software written by the venerable Dr Sara Cullen of the University of Melbourne and The Cullen Group.

This white-paper was commissioned and edited by JD, and follows directly from the previous OWS white-paper The 7th Right, conceived and written by JD some weeks earlier.

Follow the link to download 'The 8th Right' free of charge ...

The 8th Right is also accompanied by a free webinar on 7th June 2017, a recording of which is available afterwards through the Open Windows website or the PASA website. Sara will also be presenting the white-paper at various events sponsored by Open Windows throughout the Winter this year.

Similarly, The 7th Right white-paper is also still available by following the links on this website or through

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