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Why Procurement might take over Marketing one day..

This blog was the seventh and final blog written by 'The Buyer' exclusively for Trinty P3 as a guest blogger and was published online on on 28th February 2014. The other blogs are all available at the TP3 blog site here

The piece also featured in the Trinty P3 2014 compendium of the Top 50 marketing blogs on TP3 during that year as the 17th most popular blog. Several other blogs by The Buyer also made the cut into the Top 50 that year. Amazingly, one or two of these blogs still registered in the 2017 top 50 compendium.

This 7th blog from 'The Buyer' for TP3 warned Marketing professionals that they were not exempt from cost savings pressures and explained why, and offered a glimpse of what Marketing reporting to Procurement may look like ....

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