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The Buyers Blog 2009-2013

Between 2009 and 2013, JD anonymously authored over 400 blogs entitled “The Buyer’s Blog” under the pseudonym of ‘THE BUYER’. They were published weekly by BTTBOnline (now PASA) and online for ‘Procurement Professional’ which was previously the official magazine publication of CIPSA for more than 50 bi-monthly issues during this period.

The Buyer’s Blog was positioned as an occasional and irreverant viewpoint on matters relevant to procurement professionals. The blog aimed to offer relevant and practical down-to-earth opinions that helped busy procurement professionals to simply do a better job and see through the fog of complexity with which they are often presented.

A printed compendium of the weekly blogs was released each year by CIPSA as a Christmas book, and effectively serves as a reminder of the procurement issues of the day at that time. Download each below.

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