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50 CIPSA Whitepapers 2004-2012

From late 2004 through late 2012, CIPSA published around 50 white-papers.

All were commissioned, produced and edited personally by Jonathan Dutton, whilst he was MD of CIPSA throughout this period, but written by a multitude of authors ranging from students to CPOs and consultants to academics.

They covered many of the compelling topics and issues of the day in procurement, and often included new research, both quantitative and qualitative, fresh approaches and genuine thought-leadership.

These white-papers proved popular and were even collected by some procurement teams in private libraries. Some printed copies remain in the CIPS archive, as well as littered about busy procurement departments or hoarded by indviduals on their bookshelves.

Most are still highly relevant to procurement development today. And I am gratified that I am often asked about them, approached for copies, or told they are still used, still relevant and still topical.

These white-papers were available on the CIPS website in the members' section. I am told they are still on the website. But 'Gold' copies live on my own office bookshelf.

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