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The DEAL ROOM Podcast - How to build SME value for a sale based exit strategy: with Jonathan Dutton

In this episode, Joanna Oakey Managing Partner at ASPECT LEGAL in Sydney speaks with Jonathan Dutton of JD Consultancy about the key strategies in driving up the sale-value for your SME size business, using a case study of a business Jonathan actually worked with through to sale.

They consider some of the common mistakes businesses make when trying to grow their business, especially for sale, but also to climb out of difficult trading conditions.

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They also discuss the different strategies in building and maintaining value in your business, such as cost-cutting exercises, company consolidation, creating recurring revenue streams and building different types of revenue sources to help build asset value into a business ready for sale. All in the context of managing your SME (small medium enterprise) as an SME (subject matter expert) entrepreneur and not necessarily as a trained manager.

Whether you’re looking to grow or exit your business, this episode will definitely offer you some added-value!

Episode Highlights:

  • Tips for building and growing a business

  • Issues in revamping a business during exit

  • Cost-cutting and consolidating businesses

  • Creating value in the business

  • Revenue that impacts value at sale

  • Traps for business owners when growing their business

  • How to create and substantiate value

  • How to drive value in your business

  • Readying the business for exit

38 minutes


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Australia’s First and Only Mergers and Acquisitions Podcast: The Deal Room podcast provides insights for professionals and businesses that are involved in sales and acquisitions activity.

Each week your host Joanna Oakey, a seasoned legal professional, interviews industry advisors and owners and managers of buying and selling organisations, to give a unique perspective of both the “sell-side” and “buy-side”.

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